I finally decided to share my collection


I started Photography back in High school.
It was in France. I spent 3 years in an boarding school, where i studied intensively German language, literature and History/Geography. It was in such a context (Always being in school) i started to participate in clubs.

Most of my activities, outside of school, were either art or photography. And I was lucky, because my school had a dark room.
At the age of 16/17 i started to spend a lot of my time, in this tiny dark room.

Later on, after i graduated in French literature and languages, I passed a concourse and continued my studies in an Art School (Beaux-Arts)
I graduated 4 years later. And part of my work was connected to nature and photography.

living in the USA

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One thought on “I finally decided to share my collection

  1. You have an old b&w photo of a school dormitory which I would your permission to use in a book I am writing on interior design. Would you be able to send me a hi-res version please? I will credit you in the caption.

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