Introduction to a Fantastic Place: Rehoboth

On the Lake Comegys, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Rehoboth is situated in the Sussex County. In the Southern part of Delaware, on the Atlantic Coast. This picture doesn’t illustrate really how pretty and charming the area is, but is an Introduction to many posts i’ll publish very soon about this great place.

Since I spend a lot of time going to Rehoboth, mostly because my husband has a strong connection to this place, and just loves it very much. But also because there is a feeling there, of “A place like nowhere else”. It is not only a great place to spend Summer Time, but also a nice one if we need a break and want to enjoy the Ocean; get away from stress and everyday life.

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2 thoughts on “Introduction to a Fantastic Place: Rehoboth

  1. its true! i love rehoboth, too. your blog is informative and nice to look at. thank you for sharing! Peachy Peach

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