Passing by Bethany Beach

Beach house on the road, Bethany Beach, Delaware

Of course this is only a view from the car, passing by. But these houses are really nice ! And we can almost see the ocean between the trees and fences. This a very nice area to drive by, the nature is very peaceful, and seeing the ocean is such a great thing !

Now just a little bit of history, Bethany Beach was founded in 1901, 2 years later they built the first boardwalk. In 1934, they constructed the first paved road between Rehoboth and Bethany Beach. More information is available on the official Bethany Beach website.

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2 thoughts on “Passing by Bethany Beach

  1. wow! got to say, these pictures are very scenic and very cool. thanks for posting them, i am curious to see more of that area, perhaps fenwick island and ocean city? thanks again!

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