The Atlantic Ocean behind me, Rehoboth Beach by night.

(Rehoboth Beach, from the Boardwalk)

I just love to walk around, and look at these houses. Maybe one of those belonged to the actress Lynda Carter (Wonder woman). Well it’s off season now, it’s probably the best time for locals like us to stop by, and have a last bath in the ocean. (Water is amazing !!!) Waves are not small though.

Some history:

“As per, the information provided by the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society, in 1872, Reverend Robert W. Todd of St. Paul’s M.E. Church in Wilmington visited a Camp meeting area on the Jersey Shore. He put up an idea of starting a camp area on the Delaware coast. In 1873, The Rehoboth Camp Meeting Association was formed and 414 acres of land was purchased from local farmers. The grounds were laid out in a fan-shaped design, with wide streets, parks and specific building lots. That design remains largely intact till date. The Camp Meeting Association was split up in 1881. In the year 1891, the place was incorporated by the Delaware General Assembly as Henlopen. Shortly after this, it was renamed to Rehoboth Beach.”

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