Charming Historic New Castle

A pretty house, Old New Castle near the Green

This pretty house is located near the historical Green. In the center of tiny Historic town of New Castle, Delaware. This “Green” was laid out by the Dutch in 1651. This time line is pretty old if you consider U.S History.

The town is really lovely, there is like “back in time” feeling when you walk around. People can visit The Amstel House (The First Grand Mansion of Delaware), The Dutch House (Delaware’s Early Colonial Gem), The Old Library Museum  (A Fanciful Victorian Classic by Frank Furness). There is even a New Castle Historical Society taking care of visits and more.

Living this kind of life, Old New Castle, DE

I don’t know if for some reason it was related to the Ocean City, MD Custom Car Show happing the same day I took this picture. But it was nice seeing this kind of car, it totally fits the atmosphere of New Castle.

A little anecdote, Ryan Phillipe, (“Gosford Park”, “Cruel Intentions”, “Crash” etc….) was born in New Castle, DE and spent his childhood there.

Shirley Temple came to visit the town as well.

“Before the Delaware Memorial Bridge was built, New Castle was a major ferry terminal for travel between Maryland and New Jersey. Many notable folks, such as Shirley Temple traveled through the town on their way to/from the ferry.” (

Shirley Temple visiting Old New Castle, Delaware


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